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Create the Most Beautiful Cloakroom Suite

Some homeowners find transforming a small compact space into a beautiful and functional area challenging. Yet, if you have the luxury of a small downstairs bathroom, creating a stylish and efficient cloakroom suite needn’t be a struggle. With a few simple tips and tricks, this can be a great place to showcase your flair and creativity!

So, if you’re looking to make a statement and lasting impression in this space. Helping you discover top tips for creating a stunning and practical cloakroom suite, we’ll make sure you create a room that wows your visitors.

Why Is a Toilet Called a Cloakroom?

In Britain, we tend to call a small downstairs toilets a cloakroom simply because it’s a better-sounding name and a more polite way of referring to the toilet! Yet the word cloakroom also comes from the idea of this space being located near the entrance of a home and therefore where coats were usually hung upon entering!

The Benefits of a Cloakroom Suite

A cloakroom suite is a small room typically containing a toilet and a basin and is a space often used by visitors. So, for this reason, it’s essential to make it not only functional but also stylish. There are many benefits to having one in your home, including the sheer convenience, the space-saving solutions, and the potential increase in home value.

A cloakroom suite means visitors don’t have to use your main bathroom, making it more convenient and private. Cloakroom suites are also more practical for homes with large families and when hosting parties and get-togethers. Also ideal when space is limited, an extra toilet added to the home is not only practical but can increase its value. This makes it a great investment if you’re planning to sell your home in the future.